SOY PROTEIN beauty by “Hollywood Cosmetics”
A vegan friendly soy based protein produced by a long-established cosmetics maufacturer “Hollywood Cosmetics in Japan” with a focus on beauty effects.
Importance of organic and healthy
food to maintain the beauty of body and soul
Focused on the importance of maximizing the characteristics of protein in terms of beauty & health, without focusing on improving power and muscle. Because our company is founded in 1925 by Mr & Mrs Ushiyama, the legendary beauticians, who started career from Hollywood film scenes with Charley Chaplin and Sesshu Hayakawa. They started producing cosmetics in Tokyo in 1925. They also started healthy vegetable drinks in 1960’s when majority of women chasing hamburgers and high calorie foods. The founders believe the importance of organic and healthy food to maintain the beauty of body and soul. Mrs Ushiyama started the healthy fppd channel and book publishing first in Japan. This protein is based on more than 50 years of research and launched in 2019 in Tokyo to the world.
98 years history of beauty & health business in Japan.

Particularly this soy and pea protein mix is blended with super foods like moringa, maquiberry, gojiberry, maca, together with turmelic and Korean carrots.

It is characterized by low fat content, and is suitable for a replacement diet by drinking it during snacks, before going to bed, and during diet control. Since it does not contain lactose, it is also ideal for protein supplementation for those who feel sick with dairy products. It is also recommended for those who want to maintain their natural health through the action of soy isoflavones.
No white sugar, no color & no flaver added. Gluten free. Kinako is the name of Soy bean in Japanese.

2021 Social Product Award. 2020 Japan Beauty Products Award. 2019 Tomorrow of Women’s Life Award.