SBM Beauty Method (Triple Detox Method)

May Ushiyama and Hollywood Cosmetics have been pursuing women's true beauty and happiness. We advocate the theory that true "female beauty" can only be achieved when three principles are met.
Principle 1 to maintain skin's hygiene
Principle 2 to have a healthy intestine
Principle 3 to enrich heart.

"To become more beautiful and to live more healthily will be all the more important themes in our social life from now on.
SBM Beauty Method based on these important themes is a cosmetic method to create true beauty of skin, body and heart.

S : Skin – Maintain skin's hygiene

We need daily regular skin care of face wash, skin treatment, pack, massage, etc. to maintain a clean healthy skin. To remove dirt from the skin is more important than to give nourishment. Let's cleanse off the dirt and oil from the pores of the skin, increase metabolism by face pack and massage.

B : Body ― Let's start beauty from the inside

We need well-balanced diet, a healthy life style and enough hours of sleep. Poor health brings impaired skin and irritation. Regular life and balanced diet make one's intestine healthier and relieve constipation that causes acne and pimples.

M : Mind Always be vivacious

Enjoy mental beauty, extensive knowledge, fashion, hair style, makeup and keep your mind happy and stress free. The happy state of mind is the secret of beauty. Stress and frustration break down the balance of mind and causes wrinkles and skin troubles. So we should always enjoy life and live happily in a happy state of mind.

Seasonal (Timely) Beauty Methods

All living creatures including human beings live in the cycle of the settled order of Nature. We consume food that are compatible to season in order to sustain life.
Hollywood Cosmetics have developed and provided beauty care, treatments and method according to the basis of the providence of Nature. In order to maintain well balanced and healthy beauty, we need to savour seasonal food and change our daily skin care routine based on season, time(morning/afternoon/night) and age.

Daytime cosmetics

Since our skin condition varies from day time to night, it is necessary to change out comsetics that we use. This is due to our autonomic nerves that control each and one of our organs act differently during day and night.
In other words, metabolism of our skin is active during night, refreshing our skin, while both metabolism and resistence drops during the day. Therefore,using the correct cosmetics for day and night allows us to bring the synergy effect for our beauty and health.

During the day, our skin is in a resting state, low in resistance and protection.
In contrast, metabolism and recovery of the skin is highly active at night, creating beautiful skin.