Hollywood Cosmetics Special Care


Born from an insistence on beauty, the ultimate in special care
Essence de RoyaleBeauty Essence 53 mL ¥55,000
Crème de RoyaleCream 35 g ¥55,000

Skin Concentrate

Intensive-care beauty essence drenches skin with moisture from the keratin layer down.
Hollywood Skin Concentrate CLBeauty Essence 6 mL X 5 vials ¥44,000
6 mL ¥9,350

Duo Nourrissant

This moisture duet provides an answer to women’s eternal wish.
Eau de Nourrissant RLotion 120 mL ¥22,000
Crème Nourrissant RMoisture Cream 33 g ¥33,000

Rêve de may

Rêve de mayEmollient Cream 36 g ¥88,000

including tax